Natalie Steffel

Natalie Steffel is a photographer and designer who will be completing her BFA in Visual Media, a hybrid photography program, from Rochester Institute of Technology in May of

2018. She incorporates her previous illustration experience into graphic design and photography work, producing images with clear messages and visually appealing compositions. Natalie enjoys incorporating motion into her work, such as gifs and cinemographs, but specializes in stop motion where she can blend mediums (like cut-paper, photography, and storytelling). Her work is contemporary and often playfully detailed as she pulls inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh’s texturized style that alludes to movement within

his still paintings. She expands upon this idea of motion within her work, by creating whimsical hints of movement or animation with objects to create a more dynamic image.

Natalie has been on the Dean’s list each semester and is the Social Media Art Director for the Visual Media Instagram during her final year.

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